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Professional Biodata

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Name: Sakthi


Phone: (+62)813-7890-3276

Address: 123 Main St, Medan, Indonesia

Professional Summary

Experienced and ambitious professional with a solid foundation in Information Technology and Business industries, as well as a passion for financial analysis. Currently in the process of completing my Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. I am also multilingual, fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia, proficient in Hokkien and Tamil, and possess a solid working knowledge of French. Beyond my academic pursuits, I have a competitive edge, having earned medals in state-level tennis competitions. I am well-prepared to leverage my leadership, adaptability, and strong analytical mindset to excel in demanding and fast-paced environments.


  • University Name: Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems and Entrepreneurship
  • Graduation Year: 2026

Work Experience

  • Job Title: Treasurer
  • Organization: Enactus Melbourne
  • Duration: 2021 - 2022
  • Responsibilities: overseeing financial matters and managing budgets.

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